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“Hope” sanitizer is an alcohol-based Hand Sanitizer approved by Health Canada that will help you keep you and your loved ones safe. Antibacterial with 80% ethyl alcohol. 

With a built-in atomizer, our Hand Spray provides great surface area coverage as well as extended use when compared to gel and foam alternatives.

Product description

hope hand sanitizer is a convenient Protection On-The-Go: with your 355 ml bottle, you get a free 100 ml bottle for carrying in a purse, backpack, in the car or even in pockets, for 24/7 protection wherever you need it. Just fill and refill 5 times from your hope sanitizer bottle. Save & reduce plastic single-use

Ingredients :

Medical: Ethanol 80% (Vegetable-based).

Non-medical: Hydrogen Peroxide, Glycerin, purified water.

NPN 80098657

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“Hope” hand sanitizer

355 ml with a free refill 100 ml container

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