Nothing but fruit!

The bottle contains 354 ml of pure Juice produced at high pressure. Nothing added to the fruit, No water added, No sugar added, no preservative.  Never heated.

Up to 2 lbs (0,9 kg) of pure high quality fruits are squeezed inside this bottle. 

No minimum purchase is required. You can compose your own order with the juices you choose. Shipment fees are fixed no matter is the number of bottles purchased.

Cold pressure is a juice extraction method that uses high hydraulic pressure (equivalent to over than one ton force). This allows the extraction of juice directly from the pulp without resorting to heat treatment. It uses the ambiant temperature, this is why its called cold pressure!

To assure you safety, instead of heating the juice, we use an ultra high pressure (HPP). It’s is a green technology that exposes the juices under very strong pressure and consequently the bacteria and the fungi have no chance to resist. The juice retains the initial benefits of the fruit like nutrients, freshness, and taste. Using HPP consumes less energy with no added preservatives, and still maintain a high quality product for a longer period of time.

No taxes for juice products order in Canada.

Shipping fees are not included in the price.You see the rate separately as soon as you fixe your order. Shipment taxes are already included in the shipment rate.

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Cold Pressed Fruit Juice

Apple juice, Grape juice, Strawberry apple juice